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Hoi4 garrison template

Please note: This post contains amazon affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Although certain parts of the content is tailored for Hearts of Iron players most of the information is military history, only the initial remarks are mostly Hearts of Iron and methodology specific, so just skip ahead on click on the annotation on the screen.

Be aware though that these layouts are aimed at being as historical as possible within the Hearts of Iron division builder, thus I am not sure how well they work in HOI 4. This is first and foremost a military history channel, thus I am mainly here for the historical flavor, the German accent and not to support your ambitions in conquering the world, at least for now.

Yet, you will get in one shot the proposed HOI 4 setup and the historical setup together, so you can basically copy it and also learn a bit about the real units too. On the homepage, you can find the proper high resolution screenshots of these layouts see the link on screen and in the description.

HOI 4 – Historical Infantry Division Layouts – Early War #Hearts of Iron

Well, figuring out the correct layouts can be quite complicated. Here are a few reason why.

Top Division Templates - Hearts of Iron 4 (HOI4)

You need to be aware that some divisions — especially tank divisions — changed quite considerably throughout the war, thus I usually provide a date for each layout. Another major pitfall is the naming, what one country called a regiment was sometimes something different in another, thus this it was not as straightforward as it seems.

Also there were even quite some difference within each country, e. Hence my approach was as follows, it consisted of looking at the data in hearts of Iron, checking the historical division layouts then compare these information to equipment and manpower tables to see if the numbers match for different units. This process revealed quite some interesting information about hearts of Iron too. First I looked at the data of Hearts of Iron, namely how many manpower and equipment each unit had.

This confirmed my assumption that the so called support companies are more like support battalions, only the three smallest ones the engineer, AA and artillery company have men, the others have or even men. Whereas companies were usually around to men.

Furthermore, the number of artillery guns for an artillery battalion in game is 36, whereas in real life this was the number of three battalions at least for the German and US Army Infantry division. For this video I assume that an artillery battalion in game, is also an artillery battalion historically, if this is not the case, just divide the number of proposed artillery battalions by 3 and you should be fine.

The second step was to look at the organization of these units and the third step was to look at the number of equipment tables and compare if it matches the organization, because the organization can sometimes be misleading.

As an example. As you can see it is a bit complicated, thus, take all the following information with a grain of salt, because I had to use a wide variety of sources of different quality and level of detail, which is problematic in itself, but additionally the chances for errors increases due the variety and amount of data.

To balance this, I usually added a short explanation why or why not I went with the proposed setup and provide the basic data for my reasoning.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Global Achievements. I go to occupied territories, and pick local police force. I then send troops into the land.

They are the right divisions and the required division.

hoi4 garrison template

So i need help. They just keep on rebelling even after putting troops. Showing 1 - 14 of 14 comments. A small flag. You can set them to only suppress.

They will start to suppres uprisings. On the main screen is a manage occupied territories button I think. Pof View Profile View Posts. Originally posted by TheBeerMonkey :. Originally posted by Sir Oswald Mosley :. Just make 50 width cavalry divs with MP's in em, maybe some spies where resistance is the highest. Mack View Profile View Posts. Originally posted by Mack :. Wait, a flag?

Hoi4 Map Template

I have the base game. I now understand the garrison is in the background.

hoi4 garrison template

What use do my actual units have now? Does it have any effect having troops in a terittory? Last edited by osheamat ; 19 May pm. Originally posted by osheamat :. Well alright then, off the meat grinder with them! I been playing this game for a year or two, I still cant figure out what to do with the new garrison system. Its like i can capture one province and never have manpower again.

I suspect that without the DLC it's unplayable. Originally posted by B U G :. Last edited by Crazed Possum ; 20 May am. Originally posted by Crazed Possum :. Per page: 15 30 Find below an updated list of all Hearts of Iron IV console commandsthese are commonly referred to as cheat codes.

Type the name of a command into the search bar to instantly search our database of HOI4 commands for the most recent version of the game on Steam PC. Hover over a command in the table to view detailed argument-related help.

Click on the name of a command to visit its command page, on which you can find more help including examples. For more help using the console and cheat commands, see our basics guide. Tooltip debug mode shows information such as IDs for provinces, states, etc when you hover over them on the map.

It is recommended you enable this as it is very helpful when using console commands. You can do this with the tdebug console command. This command will add stability max. You can remove stability by specifying a negative number. This command will add war support max. Specify a negative number to remove war support. This command removes restrictions on general trait assignment.

Executing this command will allow you to freely assign general traits to commanders, etc. This command can be used to add a specified amount of any equipment other than naval equipment. You can remove equipment by specifying a negative amount. This command instantly makes 'white peace' things return to the way exactly they were before a war started between the specified countries specified by their country tag.

This command can be used to either activate the teleportation tool if no arguments providedor instantly teleport any selected ships or armies to the province with the specified ID. This command allows for the use of any diplomatic action e. After executing this command, nuking in any province is permitted, regardless of conditions.

This command enables or disables toggles the instant construction cheat, making all construction happen instantly no longer queues up. This command will start the specified event in the specified country. This command can be used to research all equipment, or equipment in a specific technology slot.

Hearts of Iron 4 Console Commands List

This command will instantly research any technology when its icon is clicked in the technology tree. This command is also known as the 'instant research' cheat.

This command starts an annex with the specified country tag an annex claims their territory for your country.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page.

Global Achievements. How many people tried to make a cavalry template and garrison order all around the rebellious land to find out it doesn't work anymore? I did. Showing 1 - 15 of 20 comments. People fail to understand how usage of different template works. It dont supress resistance better but it is just way how make garrison more cost efficient.

So it still pay off make good suppresion unit like cavalry with MP because it will do their job with much less resources than eg. On garrison tab you always see how much fo selected untis you need to use - eg. That is what I did, use the standard cavalry template and add MP.

I still get the warning message every few turns "high levels of resistance". What else can you do to suppress? Does it help to build infrastructure there? I do not own La Resistance yet. Last edited by Chthonic Guardian ; 2 Mar pm. Increase suppression law to harsh. Compliance will go down. When resistance is crushed, lower suppression law so compliance will go up to a point you don't have to worry about resistance anymore.

How do you do suppression law? I don't see any option for that? Originally posted by Chthonic Guardian :. Only difference should be that neither you or enemy can use spies for boost or reduce resistance without DLC.

hoi4 garrison template

Anyone have a good template for a cost effective Garrison with MP? I have been playing around with it, but it is going to take longer than would like. I do know it needs some hardness, so maybe a small tank or 2, and MP, maybe some cavalry? Not sure which stock template would be cheapest to edit.This is guide is a collection of basic and advanced templates.

We hope that this guide will help you. You should have this template behind the frontline. This is a monster when comes to destroying tanks.

Military Police Template. Therefor this template is perfect for dealing with resistance. Therefor it has good speed and good armor. These types of tanks are perfect to pierce well-entrenched areas such as Maginot Line. This is a basic tank template. You can either do 20 width or 40 width, but i usually recommend 40width. You can also change the type of tanks. You can go for either light,medium or heavy tanks. This template is a lifesaver. In terms of power you have lot of breakthrough,armor and piercing.

This is also what i usually use. This might look crazy,but it works really good trust me.

hoi4 garrison template

This is a 50 width infantry template perfect for countries with a high population such as China and British Raj. You can either use support artilery or support anti-tank. Hope it will help you.

Have fun. Your email address will not be published. Skip to content. Basic Templates 20 width infantry template. Later on you should upgrade this one to 40 width. Types of tanks explanation — Light tanks are good for speed — Medium Tanks have are a combination between a light and a heavy tank. Advanced Templates This might look crazy,but it works really good trust me. Written by Aspire Ivanovici. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.Hoi4 Map Template.

Hoi4 division template. Hoi4 french win! A division is 1 basic unit depicted on the map during gameplay. Information about how and where to buy tickets for UMass Athletics, as well as Mullins Center events, shows, and concerts. Are you ready to learn geography in the most interesting way? Meet playGeography. Hoi4 Formable Nations Tier List. Over new flags for the different ideologies for the nations from HoI4. Playing HOI4 is pretty complicated. Switch template Site map.

Signup for our newsletter Keep up with Scribble Maps product announcements and events. Armor Games offers a wide variety of strategy game that are sure to flex the mental muscles while scratching that gaming itch. The ones who wish to create mods. Exit Zoom Reset Zoom. Play Civilization wars - Battle the land and search for the fallen star!. Switch template Interactives Show all. Later on you should upgrade this one to 40 width. This large topographical map shows the New Testament world about 14 A.

MIME-Version: 1. Draw the line on the map. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Hoi4 best heavy tank division template Hoi4 best heavy tank division template.The division template system is one of the key mechanics of Hearts of Iron IV. A division is 1 basic unit depicted on the map during gameplay.

The composition of each division is specified by its division template. Division templates can be created and modified by the player using spending army experience. The composition of your division can make or break a battle. You can manually choose which divisions you consider to be elite, normal or backup. Elite divisions will be prioritized for better equipment, followed by regular divisions and finally reserves. An example would be elite divisions only using the latest weapons and reserve divisions using the oldest.

These are the stats for the 7 Infantry — 2 Artilery division from above. Max Speed: The base maximum speed a unit can go, this value is usually lower due to terrain and infrastructure modifiers, however certain things increase this such as engineers.

HP hitpoints : How much damage your unit can take during combat. Infantry and variants have a lot of this because they are many, while armor has very little. Organization: This is very important.

It is important to keep it in the back of your head, but not make it dictate your unit composition. Provided primarily by infantry and motorized or mechanized. Recovery Rate: How fast your units will regain organization. Recovery is as important as organization. However, since most units that provide recovery also provide organization, these values usually balance each other out. Weight: How many convoys it takes to ship your unit. Only important for countries that have to ship their units by sea.

Very closely related to Supply Use, but then without any actual meaning. Supply Use: How much supply use your units use press F4 in game to see the supply lineswhich directly translates to how many units you can have in any given province. As a general rule: Infantry uses very little supply, tanks use a lot of supply, Logistics Company support company is indispensible. Reliability: Affected only by the Maintenance Battalion, Reliability is a modifier to the base reliability of a vehicle such as the effect of a tank designer.

This applies to vehicles only. Loss: Trickleback is how many casualties are returned to your manpower pool and exp. They only change with the use of a Field Hospital battalion. This makes the Field Hospital support company extremely important for nations with a low manpower pool. As a general rule: Infantry has very low soft attack, tanks have pretty low soft attack, artillery and SPG units have insanely high soft attacks.

Tanks and Anti-Tank guns have high hard attack. This value is provided primarily by Infantry and derivatives. For armored units, this alone makes motorized or mechanized indispensible as without it your units are simply unable to defend.

Breakthrough is less relevant than defense for the typical player as you want to hold the ground that you take, having enemies bleed off their organization on the attack and counter-attacking to maintain momentum in a push. Thus, armor alone can make a unit work, even if on paper it seems hopelessly outclassed.

Armor values are one of the things that develop extremely quickly between armored vehicles. Not very useful unless you have enough of it. Piercing: All piercing does is deny the enemy the bonuses armor could provide him.

Units with the highest piercing are tank destroyers followed by regular tanks.

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